Why Choose Us for Dumpster Rentals?

We are the best company to use in the Rockford, IL and surrounding area to rent a dumpster.  This is mainly for the following reasons:

1)  Customer Service:  We pride ourselves in having quality customer service and on-time pickup of your rented dumpster.  Our haulers are also reliable and able to make your deadlines and time tables.

2)  Price:  Our prices for dumpster rental are some of the most competitive in the industry!  Please request a quote for dumpster rental today!

3)  Reputation:  We have a strong reputation in the northern Illinois area for reliability and customer satisfaction.  Please contact us today so that we can provide excellent service for your next dumpster rental.

Services Offered

* Dumpsters in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-yard sizes for permanent service, serviced by a front-load or rear-load truck.

* Compactors to accommodate various waste loads and types. We offer a range of compactor options such as rear-feed or side-feed security chutes, through-the-wall plumbing kits, hand and toe rails, three-sided side-feed and rear-feed hoppers, and guide islands.

* Roll-off containers for large collections or construction.

* Customized collection frequency and service for your business’ needs.

* Recycling options to maximize your investment and support the environment.

* Waste surveys to evaluate disposal needs and collection services.

* Hazardous/special waste – we’re experienced at handling specialized forms of waste safely.

* Fuel Surcharge – on all commercial accounts a fuel surcharge will be assessed.